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Monday / 02 / September / 2013


Son Of Sun is out (and has been for some time). is your best source. Or if you're into that torrenting malarkey, it's on RockBox too. If you were considering paying for this (are you mad?) then you could always instead give a few quid to RockBox, for the awesome things they do for folks like me! This is the direct link to the torrent you want:


In terms of the new album, it's still due for a 2013 release, tentatively at least. The raw music is 90% recorded, just a few bits here and there. I'm trying to find time between a couple of other musical ventures, renovating a house, a physics degree and a host of other annoyances. I hope you will sympathise with the challenge of writing, recording and producing everything on an album - by yourself - at the best of times. It takes so many hours of your time - about 300 so far already (time is now meaningless to me!). Suffice to say I'm still really fucking excited about this new album. It's pretty kickarse.


I'll release a bit more information next week. In the meantime, here's an alternate version to the first track on the album. I've recorded this special version for a 24-hr Dipsomaniac Records compilation, that will be out soon. For information about this, head over to In fact, if you yourself are musically bound in any way, Dustin's still looking for some artists to feature on this ambitious comp, so why not send him a message with a link to your track? Say Dan sent ya.



Cheers all,


Thursday / 21 / March / 2013

EP news - 75% done!


Ok, so I don't know how you quantify such things, but...

I'm glad to take a moment (now I have one) to report that the marathonic slog that is the 2013 sessions so far, are beginning to come to fruition.


The EP 'Son Of Sun' - which will act as a kind of prelude to the full-length due to be released later this year, all being well - is fully recorded, save a couple of string section bits and some vocals etc. It has taken a long time (due to one reason or another that I won't bore you with) and the LP that I am writing alongside it is still very much a work in progress.


The EP will feature three original tracks that didn't fit into the structure of the next album, but hopefully that doesn't take anything from their worth. There'll be some bonus tracks as well I think, provided they don't sound like shit. This probably won't be released physically, but it'll be on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, and as many other compound-noun community sites that I can find. I recommend Bandcamp, as it comes in a nice little zip file with all the artwork and correct tags etc.


A provisional tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Son Of Sun
  2. Kinslayer
  3. Remember The Old Saying
  4. Cover Song
  5. Ending Theme (Jean Baudlot / Fabrice Visserot)

I'll hopefully be posting some samples for you once they are ready.

Thursday / 02 / February / 2012


So the album's been 'out' (still not physically ha) for a couple of months, and the first handful ofreviews are eking their way out of the cracks of the internet. Check them out.



Also within the realms there is such a thing as pure listening music. Think of newer Anathema or newer The Gathering. Nihternnes from England also produces fragile breakable listening music. Even though the band originates from the symphonic black metal realm I am sure the band will appeal to fans of the two mentioned bands. It surprises me that ‘Subterfuge’ is a self released affair because I am sure there will be interest for this sort of music. For a self released product it sounds amazing. Everything is balanced, what of course is a must with this sort of music. Daniel Astley really handles everything on ‘Subterfuge’ from vocals to flute to the production. The man clearly knows what he is doing. Even though this is not my type of music I am sure I will spin ‘Subterfuge’ in future. So fans of new Anathema and new The Gathering come on and support Nihternnes, but do take into account it is more metal than the works of those two bands.

(roughly translated in my pigeon spanish - apologies :P)

Formed in 2007, this British project started practicing an avant-garde black metal sound lying a little to the industrial sound and taking a series of elements of old school. Since I started following the band, I have had slight doubts about the cohesion of the concept in general. However since 2009, with the release of the Mouthless Dead (a release of three tracks) Daniel D. Astley was responsible for all instruments and this quite rightly brought about a major shift in the music. The industrial side was somewhat abandoned instead taking a more melodic and atmospheric approach to the sound. For this release there is a much more noticeable dark aspect, where clean vocals are imposed and the development of this peaceful atmosphere (the first trilogy of songs at times reminds me vocally of Ulver, or Opeth when it comes to guitars) resulting in a progressive setting full of black metal but with many more details to discover - with which one listen is simply not enough. Definitely a good release to start the year... with this third album Nihternnes removes any doubt as to whether it is a creative and consistent band.



I will post more as they are brought to my attention. If you find anything worth reading please email me! In the meantime please do check out those websites as they are packed full of excellent metal news and reviews!!




Monday / 02 / January / 2012


Happy new year to one and all !

As promised album is released via internet already (some torrents were slipped out a few weeks ago to those who knew where to look) but sticking to my original release date I'll post link on here now for everybody!


I'm still eventually looking to put out a printed LP but for now this will do you.


So you can download all seven tracks directly from free of charge. I'll put the artwork links up later on as well.


Click the link below to access all tracks - you shouldn't have to sign up or anything, i thought this would be the easiest way but if anyone has a better idea please drop me a line.


Free MP3s on



Cheers all, hope it's a good year


Thursday / 10 / November / 2011

Have a taste of the tricks


About time I placed some tracks for you guys to sample hey?


Enjoy !


Subterfuge II - A Hint Of Amethyst

Subterfuge II - A Hint Of Amethyst by nihternnes


In The Degree Absolute

In The Degree Absolute by nihternnes


Saturday / 22 / October / 2011

Subterfuge cover art


Attached here is the front cover for Subterfuge that I've decided on. Actually I've been sitting on this since way before recording was ever finished, back when the concept was being... well, conceptualised. Surprisingly, I've never found want to change it. So, there you go.


While you're here, perhaps you could check out the Metal-Archives entry for the new album - pretty much all the basic information is on there.


More info to come.



Saturday / 08 / October / 2011

Subterfuge recording sessions finally complete


After four long years the studio sessions for Subterfuge are finally complete!

It has been a touch-and-go process for a long time - with FOUR geographical relocations since 2007 - but we got there in the end.


With this comes the launch of the website, Also long overdue.


Track listing is also confirmed. Read what you inevitably will into everything.


  1. Subterfuge I - Shadows (In Fractured Tourmaline Mirrors)
  2. Subterfuge II - A Hint Of Amethyst
  3. Subterfuge III - Dance Of Illusions
  4. What The Storm Means
  5. Silhouettes
  6. In The Degree Absolute
  7. Evasion


Running time is just over an hour. Some teasers / samples and so on shall be posted as and when production completes itself.


We'll see about a release date for now, but provisionally aiming for a January 2012 release.


Keep an eye out!